Tires & Alignment

Wheel alignment, is an important part of standard automobile maintenance. When you have your tires balanced and your wheels aligned the tires will last much longer and your car will have a much smoother ride. If you feel your car pulling to the left or right even just a little bit then your tires are being worn down and the useful life of the tires is being shortened. Some people may want to do simple maintenance such as adding motor oil or changing an air filter at home.

Tire alignment cannot be done without the use of specially designed equipment that is only found in car repair shops. The process of alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels according to your car manufacturer’s specifications. Once this is done then your car will drive in a straight line and you will not feel any pull to the left or right as you drive. Each type of car may require a different type of alignment. For example a four wheel alignment is typically done on four wheel drive cars and SUV’s. Any cars that have independent or adjustable rear suspensions will also do well to have a four wheel alignment. The front and rear axles need to be adjusted so that the four wheels would form a perfect rectangle. The wheels need to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road surface.

Although this may sound obvious we have potholes, speed bumps and just driving which will all contribute to changes in the alignment of the tires. A front end alignment is typically what would be done on vehicles that don’t have four wheel drive. Even in this case the rear wheels and axle may need to be realigned to be certain that they are parallel to the front axle. Having your car aligned doesn’t cost you money; it saves you money. The cost of an alignment is often a fraction of the cost of replacing tires that are worn out prematurely due to wheels becoming out of alignment.

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