Automotive Air Conditioning

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Living in South Florida we always need our auto air conditioning to be working properly. Here in Hollywood those same warm ocean breezes we love also add humidity to the air. Even when the temperatures dip into the 70 degree range (winter) the humidity is often high enough that we won’t drive with the windows down. Our well trained and certified staff will be able to quickly diagnose any AC problems and we have the equipment necessary to maintain and repair any automotive air conditioning system. There is no reason to drive in the heat when you can be comfortable in your car. Maybe you only need a charge of refrigerant or have a slipping belt. We can handle any air conditioning repair from minor problems, electrical problems to the installation of a new compressor.

At Jumbo Auto Repair we can help with the following:


  • Auto AC repairs for cars and light production trucks
  • New complete AC units
  • Perform any necessary service on compressor, evaporator, condenser, and electrical controls
  • Recheck the system to ensure proper operation


Check with us for any auto ac repairs that you may need. Fast service & fair prices!


auto ac repairs

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