Check Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on there are many things that it can mean.  Some lights are warning you of safety issues and others may warn about serious car problems.  It is also true that an engine light coming on may be the result of something very minor.

When you see the brake light warning coming on this is a safety concern.  It does not necessarily mean that there is a serious problem with your brakes or that your brakes are about to quit on you.  The brake light could indicate that you are low on brake fluid or that your brakes are getting worn.  It could also be an indication that a hydraulic hose is broken and that would be something that needs to be dealt with right away.

Sometimes you may see a "Service Engine Soon" light and that is exactly what it says; you should get the engine serviced soon. 

A more serious warning light would be either the temperature warning light or the oil pressure light. First of all any light can come on due to a faulty sensor that needs to be replaced.  When either the temperature or oil pressure light comes on it is wise to assume that it isn't just a bad sensor.  Either of these two lights coming on can indicate that a repair urgently needs to be done or a serious problem will result.  For example if you've got an oil leak it may require a minor repair.  Failure to get that repair could cause metal to rub against metal and without lubrication you may get both the oil pressure light and the temperature light to come on.  Seeing either of these lights come on is an indication that you should stop driving as soon as you can safely get off the road and call us.  It is better to find out that maybe you need an oil change than it is to continue driving and overheat the engine and cause serious damage.

When in doubt, call us and we'll check it out!


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