Transmission Repairs

BG Transmission Service:

transmission repairs

  • Uses a safe, effective cleaner to dissolve deposits inside the transmission.
  • Removes old fluid and deposits.
  • Installs new transmission fluid.
  • Installs special conditioners and shift improvers to extend transmission life.

BG Transmission Service should be performed every 30,000 miles for long, trouble free transmission life.


Automatic Transmission Repairs

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Although your engine produces the power that drives your car it is the job of the transmission to send that power to the wheels and make your car move. The transmission will automatically shift from lower gears to higher gears as you go faster. The transmission has a type of fluid that helps lubricate the gears while it cools the transmission. Most people are in the habit of changing their motor oil on a regular schedule because they don’t want to have any engine damage. The transmission also has fluid and a filter that need to be changed. Many auto manufacturers require a specific fluid for their vehicles and our SAE Certified Technicians would never put anything but the proper fluid in your transmission.



Manual Transmission Repairs In a manual transmission instead of fluids being used to automatically shift gears it is the driver of the vehicle that decides when and how to shift. Some people prefer manually shifting and feel more like they are driving when they shift gears. In larger vehicles such as heavy trucks it wouldn’t be practical to have anything but a manual transmission. Since people use a foot pedal to reduce pressure on the clutch and everyone applies pressure differently we can expect parts in one car to wear differently than they do in another car. It is often up to the driver to operate their vehicle properly by not “popping the clutch” or “riding the clutch” as these actions will cause unnecessary wear which results in necessary repairs. A manual transmission has moving parts and will therefore require lubrication. We are certified in the care and repair of all types of manual transmissions.



Transmission Replacement

Although we offer transmission repairs for all types of cars, SUV's and light trucks sometimes replacement will be the best option. For example of the cost of transmission repairs and replacement are close then we will recommend replacement. When we install a new transmission then you'll get a 3-year, 100,000 mile warranty.

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