Car Won't Start

Car Won't Start?

If you've noticed your car acting up lately, or it's time for one of your regularly scheduled maintenance services, bring your car to Jumbo Auto Repair.

Anytime you hear odd noises coming from your car that is an indication that something is wrong and you should have us take a look. If you see any fluids on the ground where you park your car each day that is another reason to bring your car in to have it checked. If your car won’t start we offer towing to our facility. Once your vehicle arrives at our facility we have all the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to resolve any no start issues. Any of the following problems could cause your vehicle to not start, alternators, starters, batteries, belts, hoses, ignition and sensors.

It is pretty annoying to get in your car and find that it won’t start. Several things could cause this and some may be easy for you to resolve on your own.  

Here are some common problems that might help you avoid a trip to our repair shop!

Dead Battery

Your car battery may have gone dead. This is common in warmer climates. When you moved from up north you got our beautiful South Florida warm weather so it isn’t much of a price to pay having your car battery not last as long as it did when you had to shovel snow. If you turn the key and instead of hearing the engine try to start you hear a clicking noise then it is almost certain that your battery is dead. If you have jumper cables you may be able to start the car. Your alternator will keep in running once it is started and it won’t start up again until you get the battery replaced. If you can jump start the car then drive to us and we will quickly install a new battery.

Corroded Battery Terminals

If you turn the key and you don’t hear a thing then it is more likely that the battery terminals are covered with corrosion. This is not a big deal and pretty common when you live in high humidity, near the ocean. If you have a wire brush or some other stiff bristled brush you can clean the terminals and connectors and see if your car starts.

Car won't turn over

Sometimes you can hear the engine cranking and it seems like it should start but it won’t. If you keep cranking then you’ll be able to tell that your battery is getting weak. It is possible that you just ran out of gas. If it isn’t a lack of fuel that keeps it from starting then maybe it is time to get the fuel injectors cleaned. Another possibility is that there could be some problem with the ignition system. Either way, just give us a call and we will help to get you on the road again.

Bring your car to Jumbo Auto Repair for diagnosis and we can figure out why it's not starting!

Jumbo Auto Repair has been providing quality auto repair and service for 20 years. We have always provided honest, dependable auto service and repair at a fair price. We always provide training for our employees and make sure that they get continuing education so that they are always up to the highest level of ASE Certification possible. We also invest in technology so that we can quickly and accurately diagnose any problems with your car and then get the repairs done fast and at the right price!


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