Engine Repairs

Your car may need engine repairs and you'll be happy to know that we have 20 years of experience in auto engine repair. From simple repairs to a full engine overhaul we can handle it all. As time goes by it is only natural for seal to crack from the heat, miles and nature taking its toll. What may be causing a simple oil leak today can develop into serious engine problems tomorrow. Let's take a look at the condition of your engine and get problems solved before they become serious.

Hollywood Florida Diesel Repair Shop

Do you need diesel auto, truck or RV repair? Jumbo Auto Repair is centrally located in Hollywood Florida and we have decades of experience in diesel engine diagnostics and repairs. All of our technicians have years of experience and are certified to work on diesel engines.

Our experienced certified technicians have the training and skills required to provide diesel engine diagnostic for all types of vehicles.

Diesel repair and maintenance experience - Diesel repair shop in Hollywood.

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Come in for routine maintenance and avoid being stranded on the highway

Today’s Diesel engines are computerized and therefore much more complex than older mechanical driven fuel systems. Your dad may have worked on his own diesel truck and today specialized equipment is required to diagnose diesel engine problems. Modern fuel injections are operated on high pressure engine oil which means that having your oil changed regularly is very important. With proper maintenance your vehicle can run much longer and safer.

Your diesel vehicle has water separators that need to be purged due to the impurities in the fuel-water mixture that runs the diesel engine. Today’s diesel engines are more powerful than ever in the past and require proper oil maintenance o a regular basis.

If you have recently switched to a diesel car or truck after always having a gas engine we can help explain the differences so that you’ll understand the typical maintenance required for your vehicle.

We’ll make sure your diesel truck, car, or fleet vehicle is operating at the highest possible efficiency.

There is no longer the option to do engine repairs at home or at a small repair shop.  Everything in your car today runs on a computer.  One system is connected with another and what may seem to be a mechanical engine repair will certainly also involve checking the on-board computer system.

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