Preventative Maintenance

When nothing is wrong with your car at all and you are coming in for preventative maintenance you are insuring that your car will continue to serve you well for years to come. The manufacturer of every type of car spells out the routine maintenance schedule for every model they make.

While cynics may believe that the routine maintenance schedule is designed to keep the dealership’s repair shops busy; smart people know that a dollar spent on maintenance can save ten dollars on repairs.

Cars are made of parts that contain metals, rubber, plastic and many of these parts move and rub on other parts. Over time things will break down and will require repairs. When you have moving parts as you do in your engine, transmission and wheels something is sure to break one day and the only problem is that we don’t know what day. The best way to have a reliable vehicle is to maintain that vehicle before things go wrong. For example if you are going on a long trip wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that our ASE Certified technicians inspected all the systems of your auto before your trip begins? Imagine being only 50 miles or 75 miles from home and your car stalls and you are forced to pull off the road. You will have to decide then if you want to pay a fortune in towing costs to bring your car back to Hollywood or take your chances on the closest repair shop. If you are on the Turnpike the closest repair shop may not be very close at all.


The whole idea of preventative maintenance is to have us catch problems before they leave you stranded.

Scheduled Auto Maintenance Services:
Most auto manufacturers are going to recommend that we check or change brake fluid, engine coolant and transmission fluid at 30,000 miles. We would also change spark plugs, engine air filter, cabin air filter and the fuel filter.

When your car reaches 60,000 miles then we are doing all the things we would have done at 30,000 miles plus we may need to change the timing belt and check the valves to see if they need an adjustment.

At 90,000 miles then we will recheck all the items in the previous two checkups. Additionally we may need to replace hoses, drive belts may show signs of cracking, we would inspect motor mounts and suspension. We may also see oil leaks caused by gaskets cracking and breaking.


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